About Us

The Faisal Mushtaq Enterprises was established in 2015 in Lahore, Pakistan and had a previous experience of about 50+ years.  We have worked round the clock for years our team is equipped with excellent experience of import and export of quality goods.

You will enjoy our service and admire our technical abilities

The Faisal Mushtaq Enterprises  have the policy of supplying only those products which fulfill the requirements of customers, consumer and intended market of sales. It is therefore mandatory for us to produce, process and supply only those produce which fulfills above demands. At The
Faisal Mushtaq Enterprises .

We believe customer satisfaction and since we are so much sure about the quality of our products therefore we give assurance to our customer that all our products are guaranteed to be of good quality


Faisal Mushtaq Enterprises


Leather Products
Wood Working Machinery